Point of Sales GCC providing the best POS system for restaurants in Dubai, with a reasonably priced, full-featured with POS platform for foodservice companies. We share your ideas for all the order and payment processing tools that you need, with additional capabilities to help your restaurant operate better.
The restaurant management app is seamlessly integrated into the POS GCC! Restaurant POS software that helps you streamline your work in restaurants. Our POS app works smoothly on Touch Screen POS Systems, Laptops, Computers or any tablets like Android, Windows or iOS to make sure you provide quality services to your customers in the UAE. Whether it's a restaurant that needs tables and kitchen management or a food truck that needs quick billing, customize W4YG’S POS for how you run your food outlet.


Back Office & Front Office

Back Office: Full support for all the documents required in the store, Full management, Recording and storing Database, Verification of prices and Labels, Logs, Payments, Attributes to the goods, POS Record and Report.

Front Office: In front office you can see – Work Period, Billing, Open Tickets, Kitchen Display, Reports, Logout.


Login Screen: LOG IN SCREEN - Since we have very motivated software , it has the security system to access. Here, Customer or service employee s enter the PIN and their ID

Restaurant Info: In Restaurant info, you get the detail information about the restaurant. It gives you the Address , Lane, Landmark, Contact number, Website Etc.

Restaurant Settings: ‘SETTING’ is the second option on the back office screen. Setting Module is distributed into five various settings according to their functions.

Kitchen Section, Menu Category & Menu Items

Kitchen / Section Master: Kitchen Section name, Printer name provided - You can add multiple kitchen sections and you can enable printers from particular kitchen sections.

List Of Category: Here you can add main Restaurant item category with vat and under kitchen section you can choose category Button Color.

Menu Item Entry: This is the menu item entry here you add menu item name and with item category you can choose image of the item etc.


MENU ITEMS MODIFIERS: Menu Item modifier Here you can add menu items add ons (for example if you buy Vada Pav and you need more Pav).

PIZZA: This is related to Pizza , here you can choose pizza size, pizza toppings and pizza master.

PIZZA SIZE: Here you can view, delete and update pizzas size.

PIZZA TOPPINGS: Here you can add the pizza toppings , choosing the pizza size.


STOCK ENTRY: Here you can add Particular Item Id and the entry date. Item information – Get idea about Item name , quantity.

NOTES MASTER: This will be the KOT - Bill Note

TABLES: In this, You can add the tables for dine in.


Credit Customer: Admin can add the credits of the customer. Credit Customer Registration saves Customer’s information, Status, Opening Balance amount. This Information helps us to solve any query, Admin can add the credits of the customer. Credit Customer Registration saves Customer’s information, Status, Opening Balance amount. This Information helps us to solve any query.

RECEIPT ENTRY: Credit customer-Receipt entry Admin can add the details of credit and debited by the customer. When customer place order , they need to pay, Receipt Entry will save the details of payment. (Credit Customer Ledger)


Crispy and Quick billing

Simplicity and speed are our top priorities. We are sure you will be able to manage your working area very easily with W4YG's Restaurant POS and spend a lot of time on training with your staff.

Speed Management

For restaurants, management should be done quickly and in the right way, without confusion. Therefore, to avoid errors, you need to automate all your tasks in a way that makes your management more effortless.

Global Business

With our POS Software For Restaurant in Dubai, you can remotely manage your outlet setup and pricing track sales, products and customer metrics in real-time from anywhere with the W4YG’S POS tics Analytics app.

Table and Kitchen orders

If you are running a meal at a restaurant, you can set up and manage a table order. You can also send requests directly to the kitchen using a network KOT printer. Waiter App and Kitchen Display.

List and action Restrict Misappropriation

Using this W4YG’S advanced Restaurant POS application you can create multiple lists and manage recipes. Get stock alerts, transfer and track wastage. The Consumption Report helps the team identify and execute a wrongdoing.

Be green with paperless billing

W4YG'S Restaurant POS Application have a features to Send digital receipts to your customers via SMS or Email Service. This is a great eco-friendly option for print receipts. Plus, contacts will be automatically added to your W4YG'S RESTAURANT POS.

Get actionable customer feedback

Customers can give feedback and choose their favourite products from the digital receipts they receive. Use the Feedback app to track and act on your customers' feedback, That's good sign for restaurant to maintain star grade forever.

Customize order and item modifiers

The POS GCC lets you modify everything ordered at the request of their employees. Therefore, the solution allows your customers to return more.It is necessary you need to get the POS System immediately for your Restaurant business.

Best POS System for Restaurant | VAT ready POS Software

Custom Software Developer

When your searching for the best custom POS for your business, this is very important to recognize, what type of tools you want to run to grow the business. W4yg’s is the perfect POS System for small firms, lets you process every sale securely and firmly. Also, this is the perfect application to help to take care of the administrative task for more efficiency.

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