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W4YG’S POS introducing fantastic Boutique POS software to our trusted customers in Dubai. Our robust Boutique point-of-sale (POS) software processes tracking payments, customer information, inventory, and sales. It also has Boutique-specific features that help you manage your Boutique, spa, or other wellness business. We evaluated dozens of Boutique POS systems in terms of pricing, ease of use, and features, and limited them to the top overall with the best features. Many satisfied customers have been using our advanced Boutique point of sale software for years.
W4YG’S Boutique POS software in Dubai include features like ease of use, efficient management of appointment list, customer relationship management, and staff management. Our POS Software also provides data analysis that lets you track services, best-selling products as per daily, weekly, monthly, and more. Customized solutions are available for our clients in Dubai at competitive rates.

Convenient sale

• Accept both integrated and non-integrated card payment terminals.

• Fashion Make your sales quick and smooth with POS software for the fashion and retail sectors.

• Add clothing and accessories to tickets with one click using a barcode scanner or a built-in device camera.

Goods management

• Organize your items by type and customize your sales screen according to different things, classes, and discounts.

• Categories your clothes and shoes with functionality in the form of size or color.

• Give your customers a choice for a select range of clothing, shoes, and other items, and you can add items to Lover POS without any limits.

Sales analytics

• Get all sales analytics in real-time, from anywhere, with cloud-based software for the fashion store.

• Different Compare your sales to various shops, staff, and periods and make balanced decisions.

• Check out the best selling and low selling goods and refine your various items.

Customer service

• Use our powerful loyalty system to bring your customers back to your fashion or boutique store.

• Keep notes of your regular customers to know them.

• Check your customer’s purchase history to create tailored offers.

• Regular Identify and promote your regular offers with your existing customers who will notify them to purchase.

Inventory management

• Keep all your stock data up to date with the record inventory counting functionality.

• Track your stock and keep all your products ready for sale to your customers.

• Identify any cash discrepancies at the end of the cash shift and identify employees incorrectly or work skillfully.

• Use real-time sales data analysis to purchase informed information.

• Deliver goods to your chain store with Transfer Order.

Designed to work for a posh fashion boutique

The fashion boutique store is fun to operate, but it does not efficiently deliver client base service. You have to keep your eyes very close on many things such as, from current fashion trends to timely display of new stock. Real-Time delivery must be right for everything. And then there are the things that you deal with regularly.

You go the extra mile by ensuring your store’s presentation and service level. This POS is because you know that your customers pay not only for the fashion clothes, they buy from you but also for the experience. The quality and level of service are essential to you and your customers. W4YG’S POS gives you the tools to simplify your daily work. The W4YGs Point of Sale is your sidekick that is stylish, elegant, fast, and useful. However, please do not assume our word, take it for a spin and check it out for yourself.

Point of sale:

Any device

W4YG’S POS is a web-based sales system you can use on any computer or device. We also have an iPad app that lets retailers sell on the go.

Online and offline

W4YG’S POS has a cloud-based platform that also works offline. Once you’re back online, all offline transactions will automatically sync to your store’s cloud. W4YG’S POS provides you with the convenience of offline sales and cloud storage data protection at the same time.

Process orders in seconds

With an integrated barcode scanner, an intuitive search engine and simple product tap features, it’s easy to find the product you want. Tap, scan, or search - it’s that easy.

Attach notes to orders

Keep track of requests and tell employees any specific details about the order.


Partial payments and Parked orders

W4YG’S POS lets you partially record payments and park orders. Perfect for food takeout orders, on-the-go sales, and online orders that require a lengthy processing process.

Lay-by & ‘On account’ sales

Quickly process lobby or live sales with customer deposits, and W4YG’S POS will automatically update the ‘available’ list count for you. Set customer credit limits and sell them on the account.

Process discounts and returns

It is easy to apply discounts, process refunds, or refunds for defective products. Make shopping more comfortable and more enjoyable, enhance your customer service experience.

Tax rates

Use as many as few tax rate settings as needed. This POS system is especially useful if you run multiple stores in different tax regions.


Payment types

Accept all payments, including cash, checks, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty points. You can also create custom payment types so that you can accept any payments in the store.

Returns & store credits

You use our POS System for store payment and future transactions. Customer engagement.

Email and printed receipts

This POS system can give your customers a choice of email or a printed receipt. Your social media links are included in your email receipt so you can stay engaged even after your customers leave the store. Likewise, both printed and email receipts can display custom messages. Also worthy of a loyalty discount to wish them a happy holiday or keep them coming back!

It has all the features expected of a quality point-of-sale system. The point-of-sale screen can be used with the arrangement until complete with a cash drawer and receipt printer. Our reputed POS software is widely used in hair Boutiques, massage centres, spas, slimming and health centres, beauty Boutiques, personal trainers, women’s and men’s Boutiques, bath shops in UAE. Our Boutique system will help you manage inventory, track customer information, analyse sales data, book and track appointments, and manage staff.

Significant benefits of point of sale (POS) systems in retail

As the name suggests, the Point of Sale (POS) is the time and place where the customer pays for the goods. This is often referred to as cash registration Software. POS is designed initially to facilitate the retail (or purchase) sales process so that any transaction can be completed faster. However, it offers many more benefits to retailers. Here are some of the significant benefits of POS systems for retailers.

1. Provide complete and accurate sales reports

By activating our POS system for your Boutique Shop, you can create complete and accurate sales reports. Such as the Number of products sold, bestselling product, profit margin, and more. Through the system, you can reduce the human data that usually occurs when entering sales data, so the resulting information is entirely accurate.

2. Improve customer experience

Through the POS system, retailers can provide a better experience to customers. Shop clerks can find the products their customers want in a matter of seconds. Systems allow retailers to create self-service kiosks for their customers, so they can find the items they want on their own.

3. Allow listing to be tracked in multiple stores

The POS system allows retailers to track their inventory in multiple stores across different locations in Dubai. They can see the availability of stock in each of their stores. For example, when one of their stores does not run out of stock, they can find it in another store. That is, retailers can easily find the availability of the items they are looking for in every store they own.

4. Ensure the security of customer data

We have the best POS System for Boutique in Dubai for Customer credit card information must be handled securely. Cloud POS systems ensure that all customer data is stored correctly and safely. All data is stored in the cloud, not in the computer system. In this way, our best cloud POS system eliminates the risk of data loss due to any virus or corrupted system.

Using a cloud-based POS system, you can run your business offline. You can run any transaction without worrying about lost data. All transaction information will be saved and synced when your device is reconnected to the Internet.

5. Speed up the process of returning the product

W4YGs advanced POS system enables a quick product refund process. When a customer cancels a purchase, you can process it through your POS system with a few clicks.

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