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Queue Management System – UAE… Queue Management System basically important to enhance customer experience, People form a queue in various locations such as at supermarket checkouts, retail stores, F&B kiosks, banks, clinics, hospitals etc. Managing long queues during peak business hours has always been a huge problem for above mentioned sectors. Our queue management systems (W4YG’S-Q) are specially designed for above sectors allowing them to reduce queue lengths and increase staff productivity and operational efficiency.

Below is the key feature available in our W4YG'S-Q:

• Doctor Details.

• Multi-service operation.

• Operator Console for the Doctor.

• Multiple Queue Types.

• Multi language voice support.

• Customizable Display Templates.

• Scroll News.

• Chat Mode.

• Department-wise Master Display.

• Live TV.

• Video List.

• Service Reports.

• Forwarding a token with comment.

• Token Transfer.

• Delay alert.

• Reports of breaks take.


Central Monitoring System allows the central office to monitor and control working of its branches spread across the globe.

W4YG'S-Q Supports following functions:

• Remote configuration of system.

• Central configuration of video and text promotion.

• Central comparative reports of branches.

• Detailed reports of individual branches.

• Individual backup and restore.



- 19 inch bank queue management system kiosk with thermal printer



- white Touch screen queue machine kiosk with thermal printer



- Touch screen queue machine kiosk with thermal printer

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