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Hotel and Restaurant Management Software with POS Functions

POS Software for your Hotel And Restaurant Business: w4yg's Hotel and Restaurant Management Software with POS Functions can help you for all types of Small Coffee Shops to large scale Hotels and Restaurants. Most of the organizations are selecting POS System to grow their Business. W4yg’s is based in Dubai also work in all over in the world.

POS software help to manage Restaurants Bills, Orders, Payments, and other activity.
It will help in easy to access and Simplified Table Orders and Billing.
Easy process to Order Delivery.
Full Control on Real-Time Business Inventory.

With the help of Restaurant and Hotel POS software, you will grow your business. W4yg's POS in Dubai Hotel management system allows you to easily manage all your front desk operations, reservations, housekeeping, and the complete channel contribution from one place to another. Apart from that, it will also contribute to increasing your hotel and restaurant business and revenue. This is how your best selection of POS Software becomes your perfect choice.

For a complete restaurant operating system for your hotel and restaurant or any other small to large scale hotels set up, there is only one developer that can offer all in one solution, that is w4yg's POS Software.

We are providing Full-Spectrum Solution for all types of restaurants and hotels with reliable and powerful Platform. This will be the completely manageable on front and back office management tools, World-class support with leading integrations.

We will provide Below listed functions:

Payment Integrations of Credit Card
Ticket Management for Kitchen Order
Table Billing as per every order
Loyalty & Reward Programs for Marketing purpose
Menu and Online Ordering
Sales & Revenue Tracking centre
Inventory Control system
Complete Reporting Setup
Menu Set-Up in Simple Format
Feedback Management Survey
Delivery and Takeaway
Efficient checker of Staff Management

We will come up with the below mentioned extraordinary features:
One-stop solution:

We can give you complete control to operate Front Office, Payment and Billing system, Hotel maintenance, housekeeping and other tasks in one place.

Live Inventory Performance:

Our Integrated channel manager will allow you to perform live inventory and rate updates on all your existing and new customers. It will also help you in reducing overbookings and rate variance issues.

Error-free folios

This POS system will easily help you to merge route folios, split folios, transfer folios, and every other such folio management operations.

An easy way for Group Bookings

This Software will help your customer in Single booking as well as Group Booking, with the easiest and convenient way.

Systematic Profile Management

With our hotel and restaurant management POS software, you can easily manage and create multiple profiles at your property viz. travel agent profiles, guest profiles, companies’ profiles, also it will manage customer details for maintaining the customer relationship and to share offers of your restaurant.

Marketing & Connecting with existing Customers

With this software, you can send promotional emails and SMS to your existing customers with the posting of upcoming seasonal activities, which help you and your customer stay connected for a better experience and new services. It will also help to take care of the marketing of your business.

Safety of Customer personal info

We understand and take care of your customer's information should be safe.

Easy Order method for Meal plans and packages

W4yg’s is the best hotel POS software in Dubai, can provide easily configure the various meal plans that you offer to the customers.

Increasing Direct Bookings to generate revenue

The integrated booking engine in w4yg’s Hotel and Restaurant POS software allows you to handle unlimited direct bookings of your hotel website. It will help you to multiply your business revenue.

We provide POS Softwares throughout UAE,OMAN & Saudi Arabia

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